Sunday: 9:45 am Sunday School,    10:45 am Worship Service

Wednesday: 5:30 pm Dinner,   6:00 pm AWANA and Youth






Welcome to Bosqueville Baptist



“Reaching out in love to one another and our community” is the vision God has given Bosqueville Baptist Church as we move into the future, trusting that God will continue to do great things among His people. We enjoy wonderful fellowship together, and we are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. We believe our church has a rich history and a very exciting future.

These are special days at BBC – we would love for you to join us!


Our Values

“Bosqueville Baptist Church desires to be an obedient community of Bible-based believers dedicated to following the direction of the Holy Spirit and living beyond our limitation in service to Jesus Christ. We believe God is calling us to a greater obedience and a deeper commitment to meaningful growth in five areas: Missions, Outreach, Discipleship, Worship and Age-specific Ministries.”


Community – There is a distinct family atmosphere at Bosqueville Baptist Church. We are very proud that our church feels like home to many people visiting for the first time. Perhaps our slogan, Amen and We Welcome You, speaks to the first core value. This caring family environment is expressed in various ways- worship (the greeting time…and the overall feeling of love throughout the service), compassion for others in times of need, and the joy of experiencing life with one another.Many in the church value attending a distinctively Baptist church in their own community. Many believe their feeling of family/community stems from the fact that Bosqueville Baptist Church is full of large multi-generational families who have a long history of involvement in the church.21

Worship – There is a strong belief within the church body of having a deep desire for meaningful worship. To that end, the church values its worship experience and believes it is one of the most important aspects of church life. This is not to say that we are close-minded to any type of worship; instead, we are interested in spirit-filled worship. Indeed, we feel we are most alive when we are worshiping together in a spirit of love. We appreciate inspiring music and solid biblical preaching in worship. The ordinance of Baptism and personal testimonies (within a communal worship setting) are special times in the life of the church when we feel alive and connected to the Spirit.21

Prayer – Prayer is a central aspect of the church. We sincerely believe that we are called to be a praying church. The “God’s people praying” time in worship services, prayer chains, prayer meetings, and the prayer ministry are very important and vital to the life of our church.


Age Specific Ministries (Children’s/Youth/Seniors) – We are very proud of our children’s ministry (specifically AWANA) and our Youth Ministry. We feel a deep desire to continue being a church that works toward developing our future. The fact that we dedicate a significant amount of our budget, time and energy towards these ministries mean each is a part of our core value. It seems as if the value of these programs stems from a sense of responsibility we feel to care for/honor/love the aging and teach the young. The success of the AWANA program, the love, and devotion we have towards our seniors and the continued growth of the youth and willingness for them to be involved in the vision process is further evidence that these ministries are a part of our core.